Home Design And Build

Learn How We Home Design and Build

We can have a home design and build to the customers liking with the best quality and professional service. Homes do not take as long as they used to build. Our operation has done this for so many years; once the blueprints and floor plan is drawn up, we get right on it. The home design and build have all the options for rooms, appliances, and style for the exterior and interior colors and designs. Our services include a home that is entirely custom build. We can renovate a house or room, and we can add on rooms when needed. Finally, we offer our professional consultation along with Project Management services to fit your needs. There is no more incredible feeling on both parties when we hand the keys over to the homeowner who gets the house they always dreamed. When the customer's final walkthrough is accomplished, it sees the look on their faces that makes this all worth it.

Bayrich Construction Inc., as designer home builders, is registered through Tarion Warranty Corporation. We follow a list of steps with our customers to keep them in anticipation as we communicate what they can expect from us. As designer home builders, we will work with our customers from day one as they tell us what they want. We begin the process of designing their dream home. Once all drawings are complete, we submit everything over to the town or city and gather all the permits and everything needed to begin construction. In the next step, we form the foundation and framing. To keep everyone in the loop, the homeowner and one of our representatives will give a final inspection with a framing walkthrough. The homeowner will then select the colors and designs of the inside and outside of the house. Last, we welcome the customer into their new dream home.